Agricultural Biotechnology Market Latest Innovations, Analysis, Business Opportunities, Industry Revenue And Forecast

A Broad Analysis of the “Worldwide Agricultural Biotechnology Market “methodology of the leading organizations in the exactness of Import/Export Utilization, Industry Activity Figures, Cost, Value, Revenue and Gross Edges.

Agricultural Biotechnology Market Overview

The international agricultural biotechnology market is speculated to witness growth at CAGR of 10.10% by 2022. It was estimated to be worth USD 27,778.64 Million in 2018. Agricultural biotechnology market is considered as one of the swiftly advancing segments due to growing cultivation of biotechnology-based products. The growing level of investment in research and development is also touted as among the prime reasons behind the significant prospect of the market all throughout. With growing entrepreneurial emphasis, the market is speculated to advance in a much effective fashion.     

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Demand for agricultural biotechnology is witnessing consistent growth. This can be realized through the growing level of cultivation of the biotech crops. Moreover, cultivation has grown all across the globe. In fact, this aspect is speculated to enhance the growth of the international agricultural biotechnology market. It can be seen the level of demand for genetically modified crops has grown in a great way. Especially, the growth has been witnessed in developed parts like Europe.

The international zone for the biotechnology crops was around 190 million hectares, which was 185 million in 2016. In short, the level of cultivation is steadily growing and is expected to remain constant during the forecast period. The amount of land acquired and used for these purposes has grown in all parts, including the US. Above all, more than 70 nations have accepted the biotech crop cultivation. To be specific, India, US, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada are among the leading names in this context.   

Agricultural Biotechnology Market Segmentation

International Agricultural Biotechnology Market Size can be segmented on the basis of crop Type, Application, And Technique. On the basis of crop type, the global agricultural biotech market can be segmented into soybean, maize, cotton, and others. On the basis of application, the international agricultural biotechnology market is segmented into herbicide tolerance, stacked traits, insect tolerance, and others. In terms of technique, the international agricultural biotechnology is divided into genetic engineering, molecular breeding, molecular diagnostics, and tissue culture. Similarly, the market is segmented on the basis of region as well, is divided into the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. 

Agricultural Biotechnology Market Regional Analysis

On the basis of region, the international agricultural biotech market is segmented into the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. The US is considered the global leader in the agricultural biotechnology industry. A consistent boost in the cultivation of biotech crops is said to be the key reason behind the growth.

Asia-Pacific is among the other, a swiftly growing region in the global market. To be specific, the Indian market is the most prominent in this segment. Japan also shows great prospects. UK and Germany are leading European nations. The most significant among others are the African and Middle East market touted to be the most promising. 

Agricultural Biotechnology Market Key Players

The Prominent Players in the Global Agricultural Biotechnology Market are Arcadia Biosciences (US)., Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), Bayer AG (Germany), Biocentury Transgene Co., Ltd (China), Vilmorin & Cie (France), Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg), LGC Biosearch Technologies (US), Corteva Agriscience ( US), Dr. Chip Biotech Inc. (Taiwan), Evogene Ltd (Israel), and Yield10 Bioscience, Inc. (US).

Agricultural Biotechnology Industry news

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