Dermal Fillers Market 2020 Global Overview, Regional Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast to 2023

Dermal Fillers – An Aesthetics Trend Attributed to Facial Rejuvenation

Over time, age-related bone loss can lead to jawline retraction, high cheekbones loss. Facial muscles also decline its elasticity and volume and, while deflation and movement of facial fat further accentuate signs of aging. Finally, the skin stretches and loses its elasticity, exacerbated by the loss of scaffolding caused by fat, muscle, and bone, resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin, and other known signs of aging. Dermal fillers are rapidly turning out to be a trend among the people who are more conscious about their facial features and view their bodies through an aesthetical viewpoint.

As we get aged, the loss of volume in facial structures contributes to many visible signs of aging. And this is where the dermal filler comes into action.

Dermal Fillers, an injectable treatment performed in clinics, can smooth wrinkles and restore lost volume, giving you a younger look. Skin fillers can consist of several substances, some of the natural origin, and some made of synthesis. One of the most commonly used compounds in skin fillers is hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a natural substance in our skin and plays an important role in maintaining skin hydration and volume. Depending on their specific chemical composition, AHA fillers can last six months to much longer before they are gradually absorbed into the body. Hyaluronic acid gel fillers are most preferred owing to low inflammatory properties.

The substance used while dermal filling also depends on the type of filler a patient intends to do, such as non-permanent, semi-permanent, and permanent. Presently for beginners, the hyaluronic acid filler is majorly used, which is nonpermanent and has been used for almost a decade now. While the other two types semi-permanent and permanent fillers don’t have hyaluronic acid in its ingredients and basically act on other bodily processes such as energizing collagen production.

Side effects confused with reactions

People can easily confuse side effects with reactions. Therefore, it is extremely essential to recognize which side effects can be expected. Temporary side effects, which are totally normal after facial injections, may include tenderness, swelling, and redness.

Reactions usually occur immediately after needle injection and may include redness, pain, swelling, bruising, itching, and tenderness. These reactions are generally mild to moderate in intensity and vanish soon after few days of injection.

Dermal Fillers innovative applications

Doctors Ideally use dermal fillers for the patients with depressed acne or traumatic scars, but some also opt to apply this method for eyelid retraction post intense eyelid surgery as it aids internal scarring by supporting the skin and lift the retracted eyelid, known as hyaluronic acid gel stent

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Critical pointers to be noted:

Injection of dermal fillers is a medical process that can only be performed under the supervision of a qualified physician.

Neither the product brand nor the substance used in cosmetic injections can be announced to the public. Brands should be discussed during consultation to ensure that good quality product are used.

Only TGA approved products should be used.

Risks are not just product-related. If the person performing the cosmetic procedure has no qualifications, knowledge, or experience, this can lead to significant side effects.

The beauty and wellness industry set to spur

While consumer spending has grown at a very slow pace, the wellness sector has resisted the trend and continues to grow. The resilience of consumer spending on wellness products and services reflects growing consumer awareness and acceptance of wellness as an integral part of their lifestyle. The opportunity the industry offers has attracted newcomers’ interest at the global and national levels, even as established operators focus their efforts on strengthening their activities. This has also led to more interest from the investment community. As a result, increased funds availability is likely to drive transactions into this space.

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